R Programming and Mentoring Workshop

hosted by:
Rutgers Student Subunit of the American Fisheries Society

Thirty-three attendees (18 undergraduate students and 15 graduate students) from 4 universities (Rutgers, Rider, Stockton, and Monmouth) attended the ‘Introduction to R course’ taught by Joe Caracappa on December 9, 2018 at Rutgers University. This 5-hour course was aimed to introduce students to a new programming language and gain the necessary tools to independently use this software. Additionally, there was an hour long mentoring match-up over lunch where graduate and undergraduate students were paired up.

This course gained some notice on social media as well! Both the Stockton University subunit and other attending members highlighted their attendance on Twitter. Theses posts were both retweeted by a number of accounts (including the AFS Student & Early Career Professionals).

Everyone really appreciated all the support from the MAC AFS chapter.  The event wouldn’t have been possible without it!

This was a very beneficial workshop for all that attended and created a lot of buzz about our subunit and AFS as a whole!