Delware invasive fish tracker

Invasive species are a growing problem world-wide. They can quickly colonize an area and outcompete native species. Delaware has been impacted ecologically and economically by both terrestrial and aquatic invasive species.

Delaware’s Division of Fish and Wildlife has developed an application to track invasive fish in Delaware. They are currently focusing on three primary species – Northern Snakehead, Blue Catfish, and Flathead Catfish. The tool utilizes volunteered geographic information provided by the recreational fishing community, allowing them to see where invasive fish are being caught. The application can be accessed on a phone, tablet, or computer and information about the fish, including location and an image, can be can easily be shared with Fish and Wildlife.

This tool will aid in management efforts, potentially helping to identify new areas of concern. If you have caught an invasive fish, please submit information thought the Delaware Invasive Fish Tracker App. Public reporting is key to preventing further spread of invasive species!

A StoryMap was created to provide information on what has been seen so far through reporting efforts. Visit the Invasive Fish in Delaware StoryMap to learn more about the species of interest as well as other aquatic invasive species being found in our area.